Thursday, August 11, 2005

So today is the day. Well, yesterday, actually, but close enough. Someone has figured out how to get OS X to run on non-apple hardware. Nice.

With all the interest, its really too bad that Apple won't open up OS X to run on any hardware. But I have a couple thoughts on the matter.

It's quite possible that they don't want to degrade the OS X experience with all of the issues that can indeed come with random hardware. The truth is, Apple makes pretty awesome hardware, and I don't now how I would feel about running it on a black box. Another possibility, however, is that Apple has decided it's time to go big or go home. On that note, they might have decided to pull what I would like to call the "l33tkr3w gambit."

Apple started a hackathon as soon as they released the x86 version of OS X. They probably knew it would happen, and they probably knew that it would succeed (reletively easily, it seems.) This created exponentially more interested in the technical community than a simple blackbox OS X version would have.

This is likely to lead to more technical users working with OS X. If the mainstream tech community (the slashbots) move to OS X and away from it's likely to usher in a new age of prosparity for Apple as they drag more and more of the normal community with them.

If that's they're plan, it's a pretty awesome one. If that's not their plan, they may be pleasently surprised.

In any event, I hope that a blackbox version of OS X does come out some day. Until then, um, don't use the cracked version. That would be illegal and stuff.


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