Saturday, July 23, 2005

Waiting for the LAN party tonight. If you're not coming, you should be.

In other news, more bombings in London. I talked to a kid at work about them. Apparently, his opinion was that they were particularly horrid because they were out of sheer hatred, as opposed to political reasons. I just want to be clear on two things. One, when you blow the crap out of someone, chances are you hate them. State-sanctioned hatred is actually worse in most cases, it's just something we've gotten used to. Two, Islamic fundamentalists may be assholes, but they have their own political reasons as well. They don't hate our freedom, they hate our decadence, ignorance, and corruption. Oh, and they think we worship Satan. I guess the point is, religious extremists are assholes, but we should try to understand why we piss them off so much, too.

Or something.


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