Thursday, July 21, 2005

Microsoft coders to "get started on" Longhorn.

"Longhorn looks like a really neat project." Samuel Tartle continued, "I mean, there's nothing really that 'new' about it. But it does pull together some of the most recognizable parts of todays greatest operating systems in one package. A lot of times people like to claim that Microsoft doesn't really innovate, they just copy the successes of others. But let's face it. There are features that people want. What's Bill supposed to say, "Looks cool, but we're not going to do it unless we did it first."

Samule Tartle is the project leader for Microsoft's new OS, currently named Longhorn.

"Last month, Bill [Gates] sat all the developers down and told us about his ideas for Longhorn. New API, new security features, and some additional "corporate strategy" features that we expect to keep people locked into Windows with. Hell, he even said that we'd finally be updating our terminal. God that old one is sad. I tried to do some system repairs with it the other day, nearly had a stroke.

"Personally, I'm really pretty confident that we can get it all ready by the beginning of 2006. I mean really, what's there to do? Getting the new terminal is going to be a breeze, we're just taking the bash and changing the names of some commands. God I love that thing." Tartle turned back to his workstation. "I do most of my coding in Ubuntu lately. I used to use Red Hat, but it just felt too corperate. Anyways, we're adding journaling to the filesystem. That should take a couple days I guess. Then some more eye-candy. That's gonna be the big one. OS X is kicking our ass. But we can just take some of those free downloads for skins and use them. I think someone did a Windows to Mac gui conversion over at Engadget that we can copy.

When asked about the recent Longhorn beta, Tartle replied, "Phfff... 'beta'. Hey, Alice, come over here for a second, would you?"

"Alice did the construction for the beta last week as I remember."

"Yup. It was fun, actually. I started by reskining XP to look a little more modern. Did that over lunch Wednesday, I think. I changed the BSOD to RSOD too. I always hated that old thing. Then I hacked together a little port of Nvidia's transparency package, changed the icons, and Poof! New OS. Kind of. Took three days in all."

"The highups thought it would give us some more time to relax before people really expected a new release. They don't like to work us too hard."


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