Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thoughts from Amundson Hall.

Today was a rough day.

Two and a half hour safety seminar, broke my wireless software (fixed it) and staying late to finish drying and cleaning some DNA. Fortunately, this particular part of my job has a lot of sections for free time. So, I will write.

So I'm heavily considering building a computer. It's based on a heavily-overclockable AMD chip called the Sempron 3100+. Reports are that it's overclockable to something like 40%. With an initial clock speed of 1.8 GHz, this ends up being near 2.5 GHz. Very respectable, especially given the current performance ratio between Intel and AMD chips. Fully overclocked, this CPU is supposed to get performance 5% better than a 3.4 GHz P4. Very impressive, and a nice step up from my laptop, for only about $400 total. It would probably serve as the server for our house for the rest of the summer, and as my personal computer for the rest of it's lifetime. Here's a better formatted list, for those of you who care.

Current Laptop:
Inspiron 5150, Loki

New Desktop:
Custom, Codename Morningstar

Laptop: 2.8 GHz P4
Desktop: Sempron 3100

Hard Drive
Laptop:4200 rpm 30 Gig
Desktop: 7200 rpm 80 Gig

Laptop: 786 Megabytes
Desktop: 1024 Meg Dual Channel

Laptop: GF 5200 Go
Desktop: ?

Here's a link to some of the overclocking info.

So, about my job. I work at Amundson Hall, ChemE department at the U of M. My personal task currently is to do PCR and cleanup of DNA templates from 8000 genes of Stremtomices cilicoler. Interesting, I'm sure... This week, my lab is having an event called "short course", which means that we are running seminars for important people in the field of biochemical engineering.

Speaking of cleanup of DNA, back to work...


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