Thursday, June 09, 2005

Obligatory explanation post I.

So, about me, for those who are starting off. I will be a sophomore at the U of M next year. IT Honors, Chemical Engineering. Currently, I live with Jordan and Peter near Hamline, and bike daily to my job at the chemical engineering department at the U of M.

Well, that was fun. Now on to some other things.

For those of you who haven't switched to Mozilla Firefox, or another browser yet, I highly suggest you do. Also good are Safari (OSX) or Opera (All). Or so I hear. I've mostly used Firefox and Konqueror. Anyway, if you're using Internet Explorer (or the AIM browser) to read this right now, please seriously consider making the switch. Trust me, you'll be happier if you do.

On that note, next subject. If anyone is looking to make the switch, or needs other tech support help, post a comment. I am now open for business. That's what I'm here for. I have not yet been bogged down by requests. Someday, I may reverse this policy, so take advantage while you can.


P.S. First person to correctly guess the reason I chose the title "Project Morningstar" gets a prize. There is more than one correct answer. Also, some of you may get prizes regardless. :)


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