Thursday, June 09, 2005

Main screen turn on...again!

Yipee! Ok, so some of you are probably getting bored by now, and some of you may have never read my writing before. Some of you probably don't care. But hopefully, this time my writing will stick. New format. My writing will be done on Drivel, and hosted on Blogspot. Periodically it will contain links to my former website,, (Omnigeek Productions) where I will store other media.

This blog will cover several issues.

1. I think that it's important that we realize the crucial state of politics in the US right now, and respond accordingly as citizens. As such, I will cover as much important political information as possible.

2. Understanding religion and philosophy are integral to understanding how politics does and should work, respectively. Therefore, religion and philosophy will be covered to the extent of my knowledge as a philosopher and theologian. In addition, I encourage comments on these posts (and others), in the interest of academic freedom and open discussion.

3. Technology. Over and above all, I am a tech. I will be covering open source software, my work, and the most relevant of the daily tech news.

Peace out.



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