Monday, June 20, 2005

I've been cranky lately, and I don't know why. Things I would normally ignore now bug the hell out of me. Alas. I hope it goes away, or at least I figure out why, soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Thoughts from Amundson Hall.

Today was a rough day.

Two and a half hour safety seminar, broke my wireless software (fixed it) and staying late to finish drying and cleaning some DNA. Fortunately, this particular part of my job has a lot of sections for free time. So, I will write.

So I'm heavily considering building a computer. It's based on a heavily-overclockable AMD chip called the Sempron 3100+. Reports are that it's overclockable to something like 40%. With an initial clock speed of 1.8 GHz, this ends up being near 2.5 GHz. Very respectable, especially given the current performance ratio between Intel and AMD chips. Fully overclocked, this CPU is supposed to get performance 5% better than a 3.4 GHz P4. Very impressive, and a nice step up from my laptop, for only about $400 total. It would probably serve as the server for our house for the rest of the summer, and as my personal computer for the rest of it's lifetime. Here's a better formatted list, for those of you who care.

Current Laptop:
Inspiron 5150, Loki

New Desktop:
Custom, Codename Morningstar

Laptop: 2.8 GHz P4
Desktop: Sempron 3100

Hard Drive
Laptop:4200 rpm 30 Gig
Desktop: 7200 rpm 80 Gig

Laptop: 786 Megabytes
Desktop: 1024 Meg Dual Channel

Laptop: GF 5200 Go
Desktop: ?

Here's a link to some of the overclocking info.

So, about my job. I work at Amundson Hall, ChemE department at the U of M. My personal task currently is to do PCR and cleanup of DNA templates from 8000 genes of Stremtomices cilicoler. Interesting, I'm sure... This week, my lab is having an event called "short course", which means that we are running seminars for important people in the field of biochemical engineering.

Speaking of cleanup of DNA, back to work...

Sunday, June 12, 2005

There is no spoon.


So I went camping last night with Peter, Jordan, Gloria, Jill, Beth, and Will. It all went well. Especially sleeping conditions. Jordan, Gloria, Beth, and I ended up spooning in a 1-2 person tent. Exciting time.

So ya, back now, stuff wet, need to go to work tomorrow. That's pretty much all.


Friday, June 10, 2005

Technology and you. And you. Simultaneously.

So, I suppose today is a good day to start talking about technology. There's been some pretty big news lately, and even more importantly, I have an hour long break at work ahead of me! :)

So, there have been a couple of big things happening lately. First, a new release of Gaim is out today. Lovely news, as always, with a few new security fixes and whatnot. For those of you who haven't tried it, Gaim is a multi-protocol instant messaging client. In other words, it can handle all of your screennames, buddies, and messages from AIM, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, and others, for those of you who are just too indy to go with the crowd. I highly recommend it. Yahoo's official IM client is also pretty respectable, as are Trillian and Miranda. I highly suggest you try one of them out, and IM me, if you don't on a frequent basis already. "Lucky and Pozzo" on AIM, and "blackrose572" on Yahoo.

Next on the list of important tech is the PS3. The official announcement just came in that the PS3 w/hard drive will be shipping with Linux PRE-INSTALLED. That's right, not just compatible, not just hackable, completely pre-ready for your amusement and computing needs. For those of you who don't know, I'm kind of into Linux, especially lately, so this is definitely good news in my book. Also exciting, because that means that the Cell processor, the next-gen processor shipping with the PS3, will be very Linux-friendly. I'm hoping to see one available from IBM for a reasonable price within the next couple of years. For those of you who are tech oriented, there's a great article about the Cell here.

That, I suppose, brings me nicely up to the OS wars. Most people are most familiar with the various Windows operating systems, made by Microsoft. The most current is XP, with Longhorn coming out...eventually. The "runner up" in most people's minds, is Mac OSX. Macs are more expensive, and also a little bit easier to use. Until recently, I would say that the average geek looked down upon anyone who used a Mac, because they're just so damnably user-friendly.
Fewer people are familiar with the various open-source operating systems, with Linux being arguably the most popular. I'm sure that I'll post more about Linux stuff later, but trust me, for those of you who like a little playtime with your computers Linux is your best bet.

I guess that's a good start for now. Seeya.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Obligatory explanation post I.

So, about me, for those who are starting off. I will be a sophomore at the U of M next year. IT Honors, Chemical Engineering. Currently, I live with Jordan and Peter near Hamline, and bike daily to my job at the chemical engineering department at the U of M.

Well, that was fun. Now on to some other things.

For those of you who haven't switched to Mozilla Firefox, or another browser yet, I highly suggest you do. Also good are Safari (OSX) or Opera (All). Or so I hear. I've mostly used Firefox and Konqueror. Anyway, if you're using Internet Explorer (or the AIM browser) to read this right now, please seriously consider making the switch. Trust me, you'll be happier if you do.

On that note, next subject. If anyone is looking to make the switch, or needs other tech support help, post a comment. I am now open for business. That's what I'm here for. I have not yet been bogged down by requests. Someday, I may reverse this policy, so take advantage while you can.


P.S. First person to correctly guess the reason I chose the title "Project Morningstar" gets a prize. There is more than one correct answer. Also, some of you may get prizes regardless. :)

Main screen turn on...again!

Yipee! Ok, so some of you are probably getting bored by now, and some of you may have never read my writing before. Some of you probably don't care. But hopefully, this time my writing will stick. New format. My writing will be done on Drivel, and hosted on Blogspot. Periodically it will contain links to my former website,, (Omnigeek Productions) where I will store other media.

This blog will cover several issues.

1. I think that it's important that we realize the crucial state of politics in the US right now, and respond accordingly as citizens. As such, I will cover as much important political information as possible.

2. Understanding religion and philosophy are integral to understanding how politics does and should work, respectively. Therefore, religion and philosophy will be covered to the extent of my knowledge as a philosopher and theologian. In addition, I encourage comments on these posts (and others), in the interest of academic freedom and open discussion.

3. Technology. Over and above all, I am a tech. I will be covering open source software, my work, and the most relevant of the daily tech news.

Peace out.